Fire & Rescue in the 21st Century

How Science & Engineering support the Fire Service

The third FireSeat event was a one day conference, held on Wednesday 4th November 2009 at Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh. It was attended by about 70 delegates, primarily students and representatives from various fire and rescue services.


Speaker Title Paper Slides Photos Video
Brian Allaway Opening address [n/a] [n/a] [1 | 2] [LINK]
Björn Karlsson A Decade of Scandinavian Research aimed at Benefitting the Fire Service [PDF] [PDF] [1 | 2] [LINK]
Alastair Clarke Evolutionary algorithms for Fire and Rescue Service decision making [PDF] [PDF] [1 | 2] [LINK]
Jim Marsden Is it time to review fire engineering research? [PDF] [PDF] [1 | 2] [LINK]
Trevor Johnson Wildfire in the UK - What Has Science Got to Do With It? [PDF] [PDF] [1 | 2] [LINK]
Eulàlia Planas Computing Aerial Suppression Effectiveness by IR Monitoring [PDF] [PDF] [1 | 2] [LINK]
Nils Rosmuller Dermal absorption of toxic gasses by firemen wearing protective suits [PDF] [PDF] [1 | 2] [LINK]
Gordon Watson State of the art 3D desktop simulations for training, familiarisation and visualisation [PDF] [PDF] [1 | 2] [LINK]
Sung-Han Koo FireGrid: Predicting fire development using computer simulations [PDF] [PDF] [1 | 2] [LINK]
The Institution of Fire Engineers
The Institution of Fire Engineers
Bjorn Dougal
Bjorn Dougal
Firefighter with fibreoptic cable
Firefighter with fibreoptic cable